Services We Provide
We currently offer custom synthesis of phosphoproteins. These proteins will be produced in an
E. coli based translation system. Phosphorylation will be incorporated at sites designated by

The protein phosphorylation is the result of the incorporation of phosphoamino acids at the
designated sites. We have developed a translation system that allows incorporation of
phosphoamino acids site-specifically. No kinases are needed.

Corresponding non-phosphorylated protein will also be produced in parallel. Protein
purification will be conducted based on characteristics of individual proteins and the avalability
of fusion tags. The purity is assessed on SDS-PAGE gels. The phosphorylation or
phospho-content will be analyzed with IEF (iso-electric focusing) electrophoresis, 2D-PAGE, or
Mass spec analysis.

For more details, please contact or 202-660-8234.